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Sito web Wine Indulgence
January 29, 2012
WOW! I was told to expect a good wine from this bio dynamic producer, but I never thought it would exceed all!

Our friend and wine maker, Franco Masiero, introduced us to his colleague from the Liguria region of Italy a year ago, proclaiming his white to be the best around. Since then, I have been dying to try it! Finally, with a good excuse to make a nice dinner, it was Paolo’s birthday, I went out to buy a nice fish, a St. Peters and popped it in the oven.

Once the meal was ready, we opened the ‘Rucantù,’ and sat down to taste it properly. The flavors exuding from the glass were fresh, sweet and calming.

The color was nice too, almost golden-green, and dense when we arrived towards the end of the bottle since the wine is not filtered. Wild herbs and exotic fruits filled our noses and the smell of rose flowers lingered in the room.

We wondered if perhaps a part of the wine was put in oak since the sent of vanilla was also present. Drinking it was intriguing and cozy. Pigato, the grape used to make this wine which is grown around the town of Savona, is typically very aromatic, with a higher percent of sugar. 

These sugars presented themselves in the form of fruits like pineapple and papaya, and herbs like sage and mirto bianco. It was strangely velvety for a white, yet still held on to its freshness and structure.

What I loved the most, was the zing of vanilla almond, that remained on the walls of my mouth as I sat thinking about what I just drank. To be honest, I haven’t drank many Pigato wines, but doubt others could be as good as this and go unnoticed for long.

My guess is that the Selvadolce vineyard just really loves to care for their vines and therefore makes a product that is just that good. Unfortunately, it is a wine which is hard to get a hold of.

They don’t sell outside of Italy, so if you are interested, you have to order it from them and have it shipped. A bottle sells for 25 euro and with shipping, it can add up, but it’s worth it!